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Vicki Tran started Studio Lemon Drop in 2020 after years of encouragement (and pleas!)

from her friends. Until then, she was happy to make one-of-a-kind cards for their special

occasions, like engagements and baby showers; they were tangible symbols of her affection and


Then 2020 happened. The year offered her time and space to reflect on what she values most: creativity, friendship, and community; it encouraged her to take a giant leap of faith into all of life's unknowns with tenacity and wonder. In return, she's sharing Studio Lemon Drop with you: illustrations that celebrate the beauty and dynamism of botanicals, a valentine to our superb Mother Nature. The shop name is an ode to her first true love—candy!

A self-taught artist, Vicki's drawings are done by hand and informed by Zen meditation; they are spare and revere the line and color. When she's not drawing, you'll find her running the trails, at the ballet barre, or baking sweets that she devours with abandon while standing up.

*Dedicated to TM, RA, MK.

About us


Studio Lemon Drop designs are hand-colored illustrations that capture the vibrant world of flowers and plants. They inspire us to relish life’s everyday moments and connect with loved ones near and far while keeping the tradition of the handwritten note alive.

Camera shy!

(A very reluctant selfie.)

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